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Media freedom act: a new tool to protect journalism?

Věra Jourová, Vice-President for Values and Transparency, presented the European Media Freedom Act on Friday the 16 of September, which aims the protection of media freedom, ensures its pluralism and protects journalists. This is a major step forward for the European Union. This competence, which was previously national, will constitute a common base for press freedom in the European Union.
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Hungary and the EU : a deadlock relationship

Since April, the European Commission has launched a procedure against Hungary because of these multiple violations of the rule of law. This could result in the reduction or even cancellation of certain European funds distributed by the EU. Far from being the first call to order by the European Union against Hungary, it would seem that the relationship between the EU and the country is at an impasse.
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Outer space: a new paradigm for international relations ?

"It is a small step for man, a big step for mankind". 50 years later, the words of Neil Armstrong still resonate intensely in the collective memory. And since this first success of the conquest of space, space, through the myriad of projects it allows, has whetted the growing appetite of United States. As a field of both exploration and strategy, it seems to represent the theatre of a multitude of issues that have come, are coming and will come to disrupt the domain of international relations.