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January 6th Committee, the noose around Trump’s neck is tightening 1/2

On July 21, the eighth and last public session of the summer of the January 6th Committee in the United States took place. The committee in charge of investing on the course and the implications of several actors during the assault of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, is retiring for a while, and new hearings will take place in September, as well as a final report in autumn. Let's go back, session by session, on the different hearings and revelations that have marked these last weeks (except those of June 9 and 13, which you can find in a previous article).
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Colombia: “The government of hope has arrived”

For the first time in its history, Colombia has elected a left-wing president. On Sunday, June 19, in the second round of the presidential elections, Gustavo Petro, the ex-guerrilla of the extreme left and candidate of the left-wing coalition "Pacto historico" obtained 50.44% of the votes, against 47.31% for his opponent Rodolfo Hernandez.