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Sudan: what has become of the military putsch?

Over two months after the military putsch on 25 October 2021 in Sudan, the situation in the country remains chaotic. How do these events fit into the recurring pattern of military coup d'états in the country and indeed in the wider region?
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No peace in the Caucasus? Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan

After the 44-day war in November 2020 between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Caucasus has seen renewed tension a year later. Although a conflict has not formally been declared and allied powers have intervened diplomatically, it is also impossible to call the situation between the two neighbours peaceful. Here’s why.
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An end in sight for the civil war in Syria?

After more than a decade of civil war, Syria is politically and territorially fragmented and worn out by the conflict. While President Bashar al-Assad’s troops and allies are slowly crushing the rebel movements opposing the regime, the war has left the country devastated and damaged for decades to come.
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Forgotten catastrophe: war and famine in Ethiopia’s Tigray region

Since November 2020, the Ethiopian Tigray region has witnessed a brutal conflict between a rebel movement and government forces. As the conflict has spread geographically and temporally, it has brought violent consequences, ranging from famine to bomb attacks, on civilians in the region. Can there be hope that the war will end soon?
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2021: press freedom under pressure in Europe

While the stream of news on society, politics, economics and crises never stops, news about the news is much rarer. When media however shine the light on themselves and their circumstances, it often gives reason for worry. The situation has not only worsened because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
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How Russia is silencing the political opposition ahead of elections

Legislative elections are set to take place in Russia in September 2021. With its low approval rates and 450 seats in the Duma at stake, Russia's ruling party under President Putin is slowly but surely banning opposition parties and individuals from the electoral process in a further autocratic move.
The Lukashenko regime oppresses protestors in Belarus
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Will sanctions put enough pressure on Lukashenko’s regime in Belarus?

After the forced landing of a Ryanair plane to arrest a government critic, Belarus has been targeted with economic and individual sanctions from EU countries and the US. While the latest wave of sanctions has provoked outrage from Lukashenko’s regime, their true effectiveness is however to be doubted.
NATO summit in Brussels, 14 June 2021
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“A systemic challenge” for security: NATO united against China and Russia?

The 28th NATO summit on Monday, 14 June 2021, has seen the members of the Organization step up their tone regarding China and Russia. Both powers have demonstrated a certain aggressiveness in their foreign policies and have also formed alliances that pose threats to the international alliance of 30 European and North American nations.
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War and business: what does Russia want in the Central African Republic?

The Russian military presence in the Central African Republic is worrying the international community, with its paramilitary troops being accused of human rights violations in the region. Their presence is however linked to Moscow's greater intentions of expanding its influence on the African continent.