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Etudiante en BUT journalisme, je fais partie de l'équipe CS Actu. Pour donner sens à ma formation, je fais partie de la rubrique internationale !
While the West Coast has been inundated with record snowfalls this season, other ski stations in the Mid-West and Mid-East have not had the same luck. Photo : Aspen Snowmass
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Bad times for the American ski industry

Ski season 2022-2023 feels really strange. While some ski stations are forced to close early due to warm temperatures and lack of snow, some others have to close because of important snowfall.
Corals are made up of small colonial organisms: the polyps.
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Coral reefs : The despised giants of the deep

Coral reefs are found in over 100 countries and territories, are home to at least 25% of marine species, and are the basis for the safety, coastal protection, well-being, food and economic security of hundreds of millions of people. Despite their global reach, it seems that they are sick in every place in the world.