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Image: https://www.atlanticcouncil.org/blogs/ukrainealert/vladimir-putins-ukraine-playbook-echoes-the-traditional-tactics-of-russian-imperialism/
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Why the long history of Russian imperialism is to blame for the war in Ukraine

On February 20th, 2022, the continental plates of European geopolitics quaked: Russia had started it’s “special operation” in Ukraine to “denazify” the country, 6 years after the unlawful invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. Europe had woken up to a full-blown war on its soil for the first time ever since the wars of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. 
Photo: https://www.caradisiac.com/93-grammes-par-km-les-emissions-de-co2-des-voitures-neuves-historiquement-basses-186809.htm
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Climate change: Does the Energy Crisis mark a Turning Point for Renewable Energy?

This far the 2020s have been a turbulent decade: First the Covid 19 pandemic stopped the world in 2020, and two years later Russia’s assault of Ukraine has plunged European countries into a disastrous energy crisis. As European countries are still trying to get on their feet, Russia has hit where it hurts: Europe’s dependency on Russian gas has been hardly dismissible, especially for Germany, the continent’s economic heart. However, like the pandemic, which had led to a noticeable decrease in global emissions due to industry slowing down in quarantine, Ukraine crisis as well has a silver lining: According to IEA (International Energy Agency) global emissions are expected to peak in 2025.
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Energy crisis in Europe: How are countries responding?

Russia’s war in Ukraine has put European leaders into an unprecedented test. As Russia continues to use natural gas to strongarm Europe out of its support for Ukraine, Europeans are frivolously searching for ways to face the next winter. However, some see the energy crisis as an opportunity to invest in green energy to combat climate change, getting two flies with one stone. How are the continents’ political giants responding to Putin’s blackmail? 
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5 ways climate change will affect international relations

Seen traditionally as the study of relations between nation-states, environmental questions have not been in the center of international relations: However, since the 1990s and the emergence of international conventions on climate, biodiversity and nature environmentalism has slowly made its way to the top of international agenda. As worry over the future of the planet continues to grow, the field of international relations will undoubtedly have to study the consequences of a warming planet. Here are five keyways that climate change will affect international relations: 
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Will COP26 mark a long-anticipated turn in climate politics?

After a summer of ravaging forest fires, disastrous floods, and record-breaking heatwaves, the effects of global warming have become concrete for the grand public. As world leaders gather for the COP26 conference held in Glasgow, there is more pressure than ever to radically decrease global emissions to avoid a catastrophic 3-degree Celsius scenario. Will COP26 mark a long-anticipated turn in climate politics?