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Information threatened, the media questioned 

Depressing, stressful, negative, controlled... This is how a large part of the world's population describes the news. According to the Reuters Institute’s study which was recently published, even if it is broadcast on television, radio, or in the written press, medias are less and less followed, and sometimes even avoided.
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Dubai: the underside of a “paradise on earth”

Sumptuous and extraordinary landscapes, regular summer climate, luxurious and modern buildings, infallible security, gigantic shopping centers... So many arguments used to describe life in Dubai, the first city of the United Arab Emirates with three million inhabitants. Indeed, in recent years, Dubai has become the tourist destination par excellence for more or less long periods, attracting the biggest celebrities and investors. A luxury and a dream life constantly displayed on social networks; the whole thing is seductive! However, underneath the diamonds and the glamour, Dubai hides a dark reality.