“Hold on, I’m comin’”

Another look at the 2022 midterm elections in the US and at the Republicans

A win

The Republican Party won the House of Representatives. While many observers outside the US point out that “the red wave” didn’t happen during the midterm elections ten days ago, since they won the lower chamber by a few seats, and couldn’t win over the Senate, some figures and facts must be kept in mind when analyzing the results.

First off, the Republicans got rid of Nancy Pelosi, a major opponent, since she now has to resign from Speaker of the House. That’s a big win. 

The point is not to say that everybody’s wrong. Joe Biden’s terrible approval rate and the lack of leadership in the Democratic Party paved the way to a “red tsunami” as former Special Adviser to President Trump, Stephen K. Bannon, called for. The division in the Republican Party between MAGAs and RINOs is getting stronger. Each side blaming the other for not getting better figures.

MAGAs and RINOs : are they really different?

MAGA Republicans – as for Make America Great Again, Reagan’s slogan used by Donald Trump for his 2016 victorious campaign – are Trump supporters. The former President, nicknamed by his staffers “45” – 45th POTUS -, would publicly endorse certain Republican candidates if they admitted that the 2020 elections were fraudulous.  Steve Bannon, mastermind of Trump’s 2016 campaign, pushed Republican candidates to become MAGAs, calling in his show the Trump supporters to push candidates to take a side: wether they support Trump and are true “patriots”, or they’re “globalists” like the left, RINOs – Republicans In Name Only -. 

So we see how Donald Trump was important during the midterms – he held a rally every week all over the US, in what his supporters call “real America” or “MAGA country”. His candidates performed well according to him : 219 victories for 16 losses. Some think that the results show that the GOP is not Trump, but that trumpism is going to evolve to touch a broader base into “national conservatism”, a term Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida is using to describe his positions. By the way, it is interesting to note that Joe Biden’s Democratic Party used the same rhetoric as Jimmy Carter : always assimilating the Republicans to Trump and vice versa.

Major supports switching candidates

Now that the Republican leadership in the House has to change and take a bigger role, the party has to clarify its ties with Trump and trumpism. Many Republican leaders push Virginia’s Governor Glenn Yougkin, and even more support Ron DeSantis to be candidate in 2024, sensing he would unite the party. The 44-year-old Irak veteran just got reelected governor by more the 20 points in his state. His opposition to Trump’s lockdowns during Covid and the wear of a face-mask got him famous nationally. But Ron DeSantis is also known for strongly opposing wokism, engaging in a legal fight with Disney about their park in Orlando, and the World Economic Forum agenda. This infatuation for the governor is taking, as Rupert Murdoch’s FoxNews is openly attacking Donald Trump, its former champion. 

Yet, this solution is shaky now that Donald Trump announced on November, 15th his candidacy for the 2024 presidential elections. He calls the period between 2020 and 2024 “the pause”, uses “Sleepy Joe’s” numerous misfortunes due to his old age to contrast with his presidency and remind people of his legacy, pointing today’s 8% inflation, the woke agenda, the covid restrictions and, above all, that the Biden administration would make a bigger deal of climate change – “the oceans would rise by a fifth of an inch in 250 to 300 years” – than of the very real nuclear apocalypse that they called upon for supporting blindly Ukraine. His announcement speech has been given at Mar-a-Lago, his resort in Palm Beach, Florida that was raided by the FBI earlier this year, under shaky pretenses.

His rhetoric is extremely criticized but has to be analyzed, because Trump showed us in 2016 that in politics, anything’s possible. Every politician in the US brace as he still has an impact on American politics. For some, it was a blessing, for others the upcoming of a disaster, as at the end of Tuesday’s announcement, Donald Trump played in the room the Sam and Dave song “Hold on, I’m comin’”.

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