January 6th Committee, the noose around Trump’s neck is tightening 1/2

On July 21, the eighth and last public session of the summer of the January 6th Committee in the United States took place. The committee in charge of investing on the course and the implications of several actors during the assault of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, is retiring for a while, and new hearings will take place in September, as well as a final report in autumn. Let’s go back, session by session, on the different hearings and revelations that have marked these last weeks (except those of June 9 and 13, which you can find in a previous article).

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The day before the June 16 hearing, the committee of inquiry released footage on YouTube of an individual who was present during the capitol assault walking the halls of the Capitol on January 5 (the day before the capitol assault). How is this possible? Security footage reveals that Republican elected official Barry LouderMilk organized a private tour of the Capitol on January 5 for several people, some of whom were present the day Trump supporters interrupted the legislative process confirming Joe Biden’s election to the Capitol. Democratic elected official and committee chairman Bennie Thompson sent a letter on Wednesday, June 15, to Republican Barry LouderMilk, insisting that the places photographed during the visit “are generally not of interest to tourists, such as hallways, stairs and security checkpoints.” The day before the revelations of the committee, Barry LouderMilk had denied the existence of “a tour of the Capitol on Jan 5, 2021“, then in response to the video of the committee, the elected Republican, supported by Donald Trump, had said “No where that I went with the visitors in the House Office Buildings on January 5th were breached on January 6th“. A change of story that discredits the defense of the “fantastic Representative for the incredible people of Georgia’s 11th Congressional District” according to the portrait made by the former American president. The elected official had the support of the Chief of the Capitol Police, Tom Manger, who stated “There is no evidence that Mr. Loudermilk entered the U.S. Capitol with this group on January 5, 2021.”.

Mike Pence: enemy number 1

The session of the day was intended to show the pressure exerted by Donald Trump on his vice president, Mike Pence. The former president of the United States wanted his vice president to prevent the re-election of Joe Biden during the certification of the election results by Congress on January 6, 2021. The same morning, the relationship between the two men was tense, according to the telephone recording revealed by the committee. There was in particular an exchange between the two politicians, a “tense conversation” according to Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the president, with insults against Mike Pence according to former advisers of Trump. A few hours later, in front of a crowd of supporters, the president threatened his right-hand man: “Mike Pence, I hope you’re going to fight for the good of our country, our Constitution. If you don’t, I’m going to be extremely disappointed”. During the assault on the Capitol, Trump supporters called for “Mike Pence to be hanged,” with Pence taking refuge in the basement of the compound “a dozen yards away from the supporters” at times, according to the committee.

Almost a year later in mid-February, Mike Pence cut ties with the former president by stating in Florida, “President Trump said I had the right to reverse the election, but President Trump is wrong“. The decision to follow procedure, by having Congress vote to elect Joe Biden, was a wise move on the part of Mike Pence. Retired federal judge Michael Luttig told the committee, “I believe that if Vice President Pence had followed his president’s orders … it would have plunged America into a revolution in the midst of a constitutional crisis.”

Republicans under pressure and under threat…

The witnesses of the day were Republicans, and the CNN website noted, following this hearing, that “the majority of the witnesses heard so far are Republicans”.

The first was the Secretary of State, responsible for holding elections, Brad Raffensperger, a supporter of Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. One piece of evidence of pressure from the Trump camp is a phone call to Raffensperger, following the 2020 elections, lasting more than an hour, revealed by the Washington Post, in which Trump insisted: “Okay, look. All I want to do is this. I want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than there is”. But Brad Raffensperger stood up to the billionaire, who was anxious to keep his seat in the Oval Office. He told the committee, “The numbers are the numbers. And the numbers don’t lie”, recalling that his choice not to cooperate with a power with mafia-like methods had brought threats, verbal and physical, to him and his family.

Another Republican, also a supporter of Trump in the presidential elections, the speaker of the House of Representatives of Arizona Rusty Bowers, revealed the ways of the president’s team at that time. After refusing to invalidate the results and then change the (presidential) electors, as requested by the ex-president’s entourage, Bowers claims to have received “more than 20,000 emails and tens of thousands of phone calls and texts”. The speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives added during his public hearing at the committee that the ads by Rudy Giuliani, the ex-president’s lawyer, about the “hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and thousands of dead people who voted” for Joe Biden, were “false”.

…and even citizens

Accusations of corruption from the Trump camp have also had an impact on the daily lives of American citizens, like Wandrea “Shaye” Moss who works as a poll worker in Fulton County, Georgia. She has been employed for more than 10 years in the organization of the election; in front of the committee, the woman gave a poignant account of the attacks she and her mother suffered from Trump supporters. Accused by Rudy Giuliani of having rigged the count, she is now afraid to go out shopping, and under the advice of the FBI she was forced to leave her home, for security reasons.

There is no doubt the January 6th Committee interests many Americans. 6 in 10 Americans say that they are closely following “news” about the January 6th Committee even if only one-third are closely following the “committee hearings”. For 60% of Americans view the committee’s investigation as “fair and impartial”; 38% disagree.

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