Peru : another stop of the Congress for the President

Demonstrations, strikes, curfew : it is a spiral in which Peru gets stuck. The President Boluarte has seen her wishes to move forward elections in December 2023 being contained by the Congress. Explications.
The demonstrations spread in all the regions of the country, here this woman who protest in Lima. AFP/ Lucas AGUAYO
The demonstrations spread in all the regions of the country, here this woman who protest in Lima. AFP/ Lucas AGUAYO

Protests are going on in Peru and it is not going to stop anytime soon. On January 27, Congress rejected the president’s early elections request. President Dina Boluarte wanted to bring forward elections in December 2023 while protests demanding her resignation continue.

Last month, lawmakers agreed to pull up elections from 2026 to April 2024. Though in an early plenary session held on Saturday January 28, the Congress rejected Ms Boluarte proposal with 45 votes in favor, 65 against and two abstentions.

Violent anti-government protests are growing in the country

Machu Picchu’s country has been embroiled in a political crisis since December 7 because the President Pedro Castillo was arrested after attempting to dissolve the Parliament. Since then, the former vice president, Dina Boluarte, has taken office. But she is seen as illegitimate for Pedro Castillo supporters. 

These cities that are at a standstill

Everywhere in Perou, in various regions, people are going to express their disappointment of the political situation in the streets. For now, cities are living under the pace of demonstrations. It is the case for Puno in southern Peru. Since January 4, the citizens have gone on strike for an unlimited period.

Protesters are claiming for the immediate holding of new elections.Puno, right at the Bolivia boundaries and next to the lake Titicaca is the epicenter of the demonstrations. In order to jam violences, the city has established a curfew. According to Reuters, “hundreds of soldiers and police were deployed to free up the roads. Hundreds of protesters also took to the streets of the capital Lima, facing riot police and tear gas.”

For the moment, the estimate of the damages caused by the demonstrations amounts to  $1 billion.”They won’t let us go ahead with our peaceful march, we’re demanding Dina Boluarte resign,” one protester, Abraham Copatayapa, told Reuters. “We also demand early elections.”

 A heavy assessment 

For the time being, on each side, law enforcement and protesters, there is a heavy assessment. Indeed, at least 60 persons are dead and more than 600 are wounded. On January 10, Alberto Otárola, the president of the Council of Ministers of Peru asked for calm and peace. 

“Peace and tranquility for all Peruvians, we can’t kill each other”.

Alberto Otárola

In the meantime, the Peruvian prosecutor’s office has also opened an investigation against the president and high officials. 

The President, Boluarte, says that she will keep her seat as a head of the country until elections are held.

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