Political crisis in Brazil : “The country doesn’t deserve this.”

Since the first trimester of last year, the ex-military captain Jair Messias Bolsonaro chose a brainwashing strategy to tackle the pandemic. In order to let Brazil “work” as he said, no nationwide lockdown was applied.
Jair Bolsonaro et Michelle Bolsonaro arrivent à Bueno Aires en marchant sur le tapis rouge

The actions of President Bolsonaro in order to face the pandemic are criticized.

Since the first trimester of last year, the ex-military captain Jair Messias Bolsonaro chose a brainwashing strategy to tackle the pandemic. In order to let Brazil “work” as he said, no nationwide lockdown was applied. Using the Brazilian Far-Right values of strength and order, he downplayed the risks of the virus by comparing it to a flu or a little cold. The president rapidly ordered the mayors and governors to uplift the lockdown measures, anticipating the economical consequences.

Bolsonaro has been elected by more than 55% of the votes, gaining up to 75% of favorable opinions. Following his decisions, he had to face growing dissatisfaction of the electors, the army and the opposition (who holds majority in congress.) In addition, he recently asked the Brazilians to stop “whining” about the pandemic who killed more than three hundred and twenty five thousand people in his homeland. Brazilian citizens interviewed by CSactu declared :

“The way he handled the covid situation in the country. Denying the pandemic, saying it’s only a simple flu. Rejecting 3 offers to buy vaccine. But also how he supports the military dictatorship, it’s incredible. I’ve never seen this country worst.”

– Amanda, from the state of Pará

The decision to prioritize economy on health has been taken months ago. The consequences of Covid-19 in a country strucked by cleavages are devastating. In fact, both private and public hospitals faced some serious issues concerning patients admissions during the whole pandemic. 

“Here in Brazil, the president disrespects science, prescribes medicine, has no solidarity, no respect for life. If Brazil were to live a moment of democracy effectively, Bolsonaro would already have suffered the impeachment.”

– Helder, from Fortaleza

The cabinet shuffle of Bolsonaro may lead to a political crisis.

As a consequence to the pandemic, Bolsonaro had to change many ministers from his cabinet. The reasons of the conjoined resignations of the commanders of Brazil’s navy, army and Air Force are obscure. He has always been a pro-military political man, admiring the brazilian dictatorship period.

Consequently, the president decided to replace his health minister (an ancient army general), for the third time since the start of the crisis. The defense minister resigned accompanied by the foreign minister being replaced, causing a strong reply from the Brazilian army. This governmental shift raised doubts on the capacity to overcome, once again, the sanitary crisis hitting the largest country in South America.

“He has shown that he has no concern for seriousness, whether it be dealing with covid, the economy, education or its international relationship […] Facing the virus is the responsibility of the public policies.”

– Helder, from Fortaleza

Bolsonaro will suffer from a political crisis in the next months, facing 43% of the brazilians blaming his poor decisions in order to calm the virus’s diffusion. The president needs the armed forces votes to beat Lula in 2022. He used this shuffle to integrate former or actual military officials in key government positions. 

On the other hand, the former Federal Deputy for Rio de Janeiro recorder his highest popularity rate since inauguration, when he appeared to show signs of recovery from Covid-19.

“If the PT of Lula and Bolsonaro stay, the chance of Bolsonaro winning is great. A lot of wrong is attributed to the PT […] They ( the workers party ) have stolen a lot from the Brazilian people and at the same time helped many of the poorest people in the Northeast.” 

– Helder, from Fortaleza

The comeback of President Lula da Silva, changes to expect for Brazil ? 

After one year and a half in jail, the former president of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was released in November 2019. Moreover, on the 8th of March, all charges against him were dropped meaning he becomes eligible in 2022.

“I am very concerned about our situation. I want to believe more that Lula will arrive to change a lot. Brazil is experiencing an accident along the way of our democracy and our civility on behalf of President Bolsonaro.”

– Helder, from Fortaleza

The presidential campaign of 2018 was extremely violent. Jair Bolsonaro was the head of the anti-corruption movements, sending Dilma Rousseff in jail. In reaction, he was stabbed in the abdomen by a Left-Wing activist during his campaign, lost a lot of blood preventing him from finishing his first round rally. 

In parallel, Lula was in jail, his candidacy was rejected due to corruption charges in the Petronas affair (accusing him of receiving a one million dollar triplex apartment from funds in link to the petronas exploitation contract.) 

“Lula wasn’t the perfect president, he made many mistakes like all the rest, but he was the only one to be sent to jail, that’s what revolts me. With Lula’s return, it was clear the difference on Bolsonaro’s actions, which showed us how competition is important. Lula came back, tweeted something supporting the vaccine, then Bolsonaro changed his speech, saying he was never against the vaccine, even made a different approach regarding the vaccine.”

– Amanda, from the state of Pará

The eligibility of Lula introduces him back in political affairs. His first step was to approve the vaccine in order to reduce the violence of covid on poverty and health. In his first press conference, he precised he will need time to meet people, exchange and think about 2022. Besides he told his supporters : “Do not follow that imbecile” describing the actual president. 

“The country doesn’t deserve this. So in this new election for president my vote will be on him (Lula) if he runs for president.”

– Helder, from Fortaleza

In polls, Lula now leads between 0.5 and 4 percent in front of the actual president even if CNN Brazil still considers Bolsonaro with a lead of 3 points. Before Lula’s liberation, the PSL candidate led in every poll in Brazil with an advance between 10 to 25 percent compared to the PT. 

“Lula’s returning, means competition. He wouldn’t be my option as a president in other circumstances, but to take Bolsonaro out of the power, I would vote for him as many others. The hate towards the left hand elected Bolsonaro. Now, the hate towards Bolsonaro, will luckily elect the left hand again.”

– Amanda, from the state of Pará

Lexique vocabulaire :  

Brainwashing : Intoxication / lavage de cerveau 

Lockdown : Confinement 

Whining : Pleurnicher 

Strucked  : Frapper / rayer / heurter 

Resigned : Résigné

Stabbed : Poignardé

Behalf : Au nom de 

Polls : Les sondages 

Flu : Grippe

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