United States Secret Services find and confirm Russian plans to attack Ukraine

The US secret services have determined that Russian planning for a possible military offensive against Ukraine is ongoing and could take place in early 2022, according to an administration official.

The American Secret Services estimate that half of the Russian military is already deployed along several points near the Ukraine border, according to a Biden administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The official added that the Russians plan the movement of 100 tactical battalion groups, along with armor, artillery and equipment.

He also said that Secret Services officers also noticed a breakthrough in the use of Russian media in information operations to denigrate Ukraine and NATO ahead of a potential invasion.

Biden rejects Moscow’s red lines

US President Joe Biden said on December 3rd that he is preparing a “package of initiatives” to protect Ukraine from a possible Russian attack.

This Saturday, Biden also warned that he will not accept “red lines” set by Moscow and that he will make it “very, very difficult” for Russia to invade the neighboring country. The American leader also assured that he is in constant contact with the allies of the United States and Ukraine in the event of an escalation of military tension on the Ukrainian borders.

“I am preparing what will be, I believe, a full set of initiatives that will make Putin’s intentions very difficult,” Biden explained, referring to the Russian President’s possible war plans.

Biden-Putin meeting

The US President and his Russian counterpart will discuss in the coming days the situation on Ukraine’s borders, seven years after Russia annexed Crimea and occupied the east of the former Soviet republic by pro-Moscow separatist forces.

Tensions have begun to rise in recent weeks in the face of rumors of a new attack on Ukraine by Russia, accused of massing some 94,000 troops on the border.

To appease the situation, Moscow asks for “security guarantees” and, in particular, the assurance that NATO will not continue to expand its zone of influence in Eastern Europe, notably with the possibility of Ukraine joining the Atlantic Alliance.

Kiev, however, categorically refuses to abandon the request for NATO membership, a request that was formalized in 2008, asking the allies to reject the conditions imposed by Moscow for a pacification in the region.


Breakthrough: percée, avancée

ongoing: en cours

escalation: montée, intensification

in the event: en cas de

in the face of: face à

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