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Étudiante en bachelor de sciences politiques et de relations internationales à Heip, je suis passionnée par l’écriture et l’actualité.
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Review of François Hollande’s conference for the CNER

On Tuesday 13 December 2022, a free conference was held with François Hollande for the CNER, the federation of attractiveness, development, and innovation agencies. During this conference, the former French president returned to a particularly worrying subject: the energy crisis and its challenges.
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John D. Rockefeller or the rise of a timeless dynasty?

Nowadays, billionaires such as Elon Musk or Bill Gates are becoming true masters of the world. The excess of their ambition stems from their financial power. From then on, these American entrepreneurs have a considerable influence which succeeds that of one of the most powerful American families: A look back at the Rockefeller dynasty.
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On Sunday 30 October, Lula Da Silva was elected president of Brazil, a victory achieved thanks to two million more votes than his opponent Jair Bolsonaro. While their campaigns were marked by a lot of misinformation, Brazilian politics has taken a new turn. Both parties did not hesitate to manipulate information to convince public opinion. Social networks and especially fake news have become real communication tools.
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Edward Snowden: one of the world’s greatest whistleblowers

Edward Snowden, who has been a refugee in Russia since 2013, has just been granted Russian citizenship. A status that was granted to him by President Vladimir Putin in person. A decision that tends to revive tensions between the United States and Russia since Snowden is none other than the former employee of the US National Security Agency. In 2013, he denounced the existence of several American and British mass surveillance programs. A revelation that made and still makes him one of the most wanted men in the world.
https://www.lalibre.be/international/asie/2022/01/28/cessez-le-feu-entre-le-kirghizstan-et-le-tadjikistan-apres-des-affrontements-mortels-YJQSVJK5CVDMVIHH34GNARPL6A/ ©AP
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Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: a border at the heart of tensions

September 14 marked the beginning of new clashes between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The two countries, which had already clashed in 2021, killing more than fifty people, came into conflict again when Kyrgyz forces opened fire on Tajik border posts. While Russian President Vladimir Putin calls for pacifism, the two former members of the USSR seem to have difficulty resolving the situation through political-diplomatic channels.
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Does the British monarchy still have a unanimous support ?

As Queen Elizabeth II bids farewell, the question of the future of the monarchy is being debated again. Although King Charles III is extremely well prepared for his new role, his low popularity among the British people tends to make the monarchy lose its greatness. It is particularly in the Commonwealth realm that the question of the continuation of the monarchy arises. A monarchy at the center of scandals, with colonial roots and whose slave-owning past is constantly resurfacing.