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L’actualité internationale écrite dans la langue de Shakespeare par nos auteurs anglophones.

Source : Wind turbines in Euboea by Ianna Andreadis
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The Greeks facing their energy future

Faced with the energy transition initiated by the European Union, Greece wishes to be the perfect model by opting for wind energy. Aiming to replace all fossil fuels with renewable energies by the end of the decade, the government is undertaking major construction projects, sometimes to the detriment of the local population and landscapes.
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The death of Shireen Abu Akleh, another threat to press freedom in Israel

Shireen Abu Akleh, a journalist with the Qatari TV station Al-Jazeera, was shot dead in a refugee camp in Jenin in the northern West Bank on 11 May 2022 while covering an Israeli army raid. Aged 51 and in office since 1997, her death aroused a deep popular infatuation in Israel and Palestine. A Christian from Jerusalem, she became known as the face of the West Bank through her coverage of the second intifada. A few days after her death, the images of her funeral disrupted by Israeli police violence shocked the whole world. These events show the Israeli authorities' desire to control the press, to the detriment of their image on the international scene.
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Hungary and the EU : a deadlock relationship

Since April, the European Commission has launched a procedure against Hungary because of these multiple violations of the rule of law. This could result in the reduction or even cancellation of certain European funds distributed by the EU. Far from being the first call to order by the European Union against Hungary, it would seem that the relationship between the EU and the country is at an impasse.
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Georgian position in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, between supporting the Ukrainian people and managing their economic dependence on Russia

Russia's invasion of Ukraine on 25 February 2022 is stirring up trauma in Georgia, a Caucasian country that experienced a similar situation to Ukraine in 2008. As a result of this conflict, two northern regions of the country (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) are recognised as independent by Russia. While this war is still fresh in people's minds, the challenge for this small country of 4 million people is to adopt a position on the international stage that is firm towards Russia and supportive of Ukraine, while at the same time managing their economic dependence on Russia, which creates disagreements between the citizens and their government.
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Dubai: the underside of a “paradise on earth”

Sumptuous and extraordinary landscapes, regular summer climate, luxurious and modern buildings, infallible security, gigantic shopping centers... So many arguments used to describe life in Dubai, the first city of the United Arab Emirates with three million inhabitants. Indeed, in recent years, Dubai has become the tourist destination par excellence for more or less long periods, attracting the biggest celebrities and investors. A luxury and a dream life constantly displayed on social networks; the whole thing is seductive! However, underneath the diamonds and the glamour, Dubai hides a dark reality.
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The Digital Service Act : stakes and limits

 On April 23rd 2022, the European commission adopted  the last legislation concerning the regulation of large digital plateform in Europe. Succeeding the Digital Market Act (DMA) only months after its launch, the Digital Service Act (DSA) is a major advance in terms of digital services regulation. This creation is all the more significant after the digital’s conquest of political arenas in Europe. Indeed, social networks play a significant role in presidential campaigns as well as in the Ukrainian conflict, among others. Although this European initiative is to be applauded it also has limitations that must be underlined.