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Myanmar, a civil war that will probably never end

On November 25th 2023, beside her frontiers with Myanmar, China made military exercises and recommended her Myanmar citizens to leave, as quickly as possible, the north of Myanmar because of conflicts that have taken place since October 2023. Indeed, Myanmar's civil war, characterized by political instability and social tensions, seems to have begun since February 1st 2021, but, maybe, it dates back to British colonization or even more before.

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Après le coup d’État, la répression de la junte contre les civils a fait plusieurs morts/ RFI; REUTERS- STRINGERS
Après le coup d’État, la répression de la junte contre les civils a fait plusieurs morts/ RFI; REUTERS- STRINGERS
Political and social instability settled for too long

For many years or even centuries, Myanmar has gone through different political systems: monarchy, dictatorship, republic. That didn’t permit the population to build a political, social, economic system in which she could have created a social union and a strong stability. However, this has divided the population in different groups, and especially ethnic groups, which sometimes have fights or persecute each other. So, this deeply contributes to the Myanmar vicious circle that consists in civil conflicts and political instability. 

In today’s Myanmar civil conflict, the main reason of the beginning is the military coup. Nevertheless, this is particularly the result of this vicious circle.

Ethnical manifestations with a civil war background 

There are different resistance groups that fight the military dictatorship with violence. Ethnic minorities take part in the conflict next to the resistance to fight against the military repression for freedom and acknowledgement. Indeed, by fighting the dictatorship they hope to contribute in building a better national system with a political stability and a better inclusion for minorities. They could have rights, acknowledgements or even territory independence. Therefore, this could destroy the vicious circle, and maybe create a good one.

This global civil war and ethnical demands affect national stability and others countries in different ways.

The regional and national consequences and international implications 

At first, in the national aspect, there are many consequences and many serious ones. Indeed, in the political aspect, the military dictatorship practices censure and repression.

In addition, the economic system collapses and Myanmar is blacklisted by G7 that means that a vicious circle is taking place.

In the social way, there are diminution of education percentage, brain drain, augmentation of poverty, alimentary insecurity, humanitarian crisis, collapse of the health system, minorities migration in border countries (Indonesia and Bangladesh). Indonesia has decided to stop welcoming Myanmar citizens for example. 

This civil war affects other countries and this pushes some of them to take action in that conflict. For instance, ONU wanted to act but it was stopped because of Russia, old military partner of Myanmar, and China, who wants to take advantage of hydrocarbon resources and coats to expand the Chinese “string of pearl”. 

In conclusion, the Myanmar civil war symbolizes the transformation of global conflicts in intra-state and ethnical conflicts, by it political instability and ethnic tensions.

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