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Étudiante à Sciences Po Lyon, je suis nouvelle au sein de l’équipe CS Actu en tant que journaliste internationale. Je partage mon goût de l’actualité à travers mes articles. J’espère que mon contenu vous plaira !
Source : Wind turbines in Euboea by Ianna Andreadis
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The Greeks facing their energy future

Faced with the energy transition initiated by the European Union, Greece wishes to be the perfect model by opting for wind energy. Aiming to replace all fossil fuels with renewable energies by the end of the decade, the government is undertaking major construction projects, sometimes to the detriment of the local population and landscapes.
Source : the arrival of Cuban doctors in Italy on March 22, 2021 by Simone Bergamaschi
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Cuba : a declining humanitarian diplomacy of excellence ?

Since 2019 the Covid pandemic hit the world and wealth systems have been overwhelmed. The small Nation of Cuba managed to control the pandemic within its territory but also succeeded in providing a medical aid at the international level. Cuba sent medical brigades wherever they were needed as in Latin America, in the Middle-East of Africa but also in France and Italy. These special doctors brigades reinforced the Cuban humanitarian diplomacy tradition. However this utopian international mutual hides miserable working conditions. 
Source : Picture of the balistic missile’s launch, on 24th March 2022, diffused on 25th March by the official news agency of North Korea
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North Korea’s “monster missile”

On 24th March 2022, North Korea sent an intercontinental balistic missile. This experiment was immediately condemned by the international community. Also called the « monster missile » by the specialists, the Hwasong-17 can hit a target from 15000 kilometers away and seriously concern the United States and Europe. 
Source : the Oyu Tolgoi mine in the Gobi desert by Muryel Jacque
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Mongolia and the miracle of the coal

While Mongolia has known a spectacular economic growth during the last decade thanks to its mining industry, the coal which produces the wealth of the country, also brings its population to ruin. 
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Ukraine: why would Russia want to invade?

While the threat of an invasion increases in the region of the Donbass in eastern Ukraine, close to the border between Russia and Ukraine, British intelligence denounced on Saturday 22 January 2022 a Russian plan to impose a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv. These allegations are denied by Moscow.
Source : The creation of a Franco-Australian economic and military alliance by Pascal Rossignol
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AUKUS : behind the breach of the « contract of the century »

The declaration of the signature of an economic and military contract between France and Australia received an enthusiastic reception. However the breach of the contract caused diplomatic disappointment following the creation of the alliance AUKUS in September 2021 instead. It also highlights the economic consequences and the necessity to reconsider the principles of alliance between France and Australia.